The Blue Parrot Lounge

Brand Design for Modern-Day Speakeasy Lounge


The Blue Parrot Lounge (BPL) offers a premier experience in upscale speakeasy elegance in Rocklin, CA. As the creative force behind BPL, we’ve crafted its sophisticated brand identity and immersive experience. From website design and development to branding, print design, commercial photography, and graphic design services, our collaborative efforts set the stage for a one-of-a-kind lounge experience. With our ongoing support, BPL captivates guests with timeless charm and unparalleled ambiance in the heart of Rocklin, CA.

  • Website Design + Development

  • Branding + Strategy

  • Print Design Services

  • Commercial Photography

  • Graphic Design Services


Our partnership with The Blue Parrot Lounge has yielded exceptional results, establishing it as a premier destination for upscale speakeasy elegance in Roseville, CA. Through our strategic branding and design initiatives, BPL has cultivated a distinct identity and immersive experience that resonates with guests. The lounge’s sophisticated ambiance and captivating allure have garnered widespread acclaim, attracting a loyal clientele and setting new standards for excellence in the hospitality industry. With our ongoing support, BPL continues to thrive, delighting guests with its timeless charm and unparalleled hospitality.

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