AJA Video Systems

Rebranding a Leader in the Video Industry


Throughout our partnership with AJA Video Systems, a renowned innovator in professional video technology, we’ve embarked on a multitude of initiatives to enhance their brand recognition and foster prosperity. From website redesign and a comprehensive global rebrand to content creation, marketing collateral development, and commercial photography, our endeavors have harmonized effortlessly with AJA’s vision and goals. Collaborating closely with both internal and external stakeholders, we’ve delivered pioneering solutions spanning UI/UX software design, interface prototyping, infographics, and illustrations. Together, we’ve elevated AJA Video Systems’ brand identity and positioned them for sustained growth and influence within the industry.


  • Engineering + Manufacturing
  • Executive Level Team
  • Sales + Marketing Teams
  • Global Operations Teams
  • QA | Quality Assurance
  • Overseas Tradeshow Booth Designers / Builders
  • PR Firms, Publishers, Content Producers
  • Website Design

  • Global Rebrand

  • Content Design + Marketing Collateral

  • Commercial Photography

  • UI/UX Software Design

  • Interface Prototyping

  • Infographics + Illustrations

  • Tradeshow / Environmental Graphics


Our collaboration with AJA Video Systems has led to significant results, bolstering their brand recognition and market presence. Through strategic initiatives such as website redesign and global rebranding, we’ve increased customer engagement and loyalty. Our commercial photography and marketing collateral have effectively showcased AJA’s products, driving interest and demand. Overall, our partnership has propelled AJA Video Systems to new heights of success in the industry.

Web Design + Development

Graphic Design

UI / UX / AI

Brand Strategy

Brand Collateral


Social Media Marketing

SEO & Online Marketing

Content Awareness Marketing


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