Alexander Rossi – Indy 500 Winner

Indy 500 Winner | Former F1 Driver


During the formative stages of his illustrious career, I had the privilege of collaborating closely with Alexander Rossi, the renowned Indy Car driver and former F1 driver. From his early days in karting, I provided custom graphics for his kart, helmet designs, and livery concepts, setting the stage for his remarkable journey in motorsports. As Alexander progressed through the ranks, from Skip Barber Racing to Formula BMW, GP2, F1, and eventually Indy Car, I continued to support him with design and marketing services, ensuring his brand remained strong and recognizable at every stage of his career. Alexander’s crowning achievement came when he secured victory as the 100th winner of the prestigious Indy 500 race, a testament to his talent, determination, and the enduring partnership we’ve shared throughout his remarkable journey.

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Through our collaboration with Alexander Rossi, we’ve achieved remarkable results that have underscored his status as a premier figure in motorsports. Our strategic design and marketing efforts have played a pivotal role in enhancing Alexander’s brand presence and visibility, contributing to his success on and off the track. From his early karting days to his triumphant victory as the 100th winner of the iconic Indy 500 race, our partnership has been integral to Alexander’s journey to the top of the motorsports world. By consistently delivering standout design work and effective marketing strategies, we’ve helped elevate Alexander’s profile and solidify his reputation as a formidable competitor and fan favorite in the racing community.

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