AJA Video Systems

website / logo / branding / email marketing / social media / product launch

As the Sr. Designer at AJA Video Systems, my duties varied widely. From website and content creation (complete site design of AJA.com was lead by me and my associates on the marketing team), to email design and list management, AJA tradeshow merchandise and touch systems, multiple software development apps and user experience design for the iOS ecosystem and stand-alone software apps, including AJA System Test, AJA Control Room, and AJA RovoControl. My daily duties includes designing and providing print-ready content to multiple publications around the world as well as working with a team of translators on 6 continents with an advertising budget of over 2M. Other tasks included brochure design and layout, product photography and editing, signage and POP displays, tradeshow poster and wall mount displays, product packaging from start to finish, including a full launch of CION, AJA’s first foray into the Prosumer 4K camera market. All CION related material, photography, content creation and marketing campaigns were left to me and the PMM (Product Marketing Manager). Other duties included illustration of products and logos, software icons, social media header graphics as well as workflows, charts and varying illustrations to explain the hardware and user manual design. My duties included seeing a product through from development to launch to EOL. With each product cycle came a variety of tasks to market to a worldwide user-base as well as resellers around the globe.